AirQuality KJ500F-01A
AirQuality KJ500F-01A
AirQuality KJ500F-01A

AirQuality KJ500F-01A

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KJ500F-01A MESP Portable Air Sterilizing Purifier

AirQuality MESP Portable Air Sterilizing Purifier is an innovative and powerful product. It's safe without any harmful byproducts. It's high-efficiency and low maintenance with a permanent washable filter. The high voltage electrostatic field could 99.99% kill viruses and 99.96% kill bacteria.


Viruses & bacteria killing.

AirQuality MESP technology is able to high efficiently kill viruses and bacteria with a unique strong electric field. The sterilization rate for bacteria(e.g. white staphylococcus) is more than 99.96%. The average sterilization rate for viruses (e.g. H1N1) is 99.99%.

Washable filter.

The unique nano PP made filter is permanently washable with more than 10 years lifespan. The total running cost should be much lower than traditional media-filter products.

Higher efficiency.

Differing from traditional media filters, the pressure drop is low with MESP filters because there is no need to force air through a matrix of small air passages. The physics makes its higher efficiency and low energy consumption.



The MESP filter works with about one micro-ampere (one millionth of one ampere) of current at 6-10 kilovolts, which always prevents electric shock and production of ozone.

Product Feature

  • Efficient removal of PM2.5, virus, bacteria, pollen, allergen, and other particulate pollutants
  • No material consumption, the filter is washable, no need to replace
  • Release negative Ion to keep refreshing the air
  • M8 methanal filter of Japan steadily adsorbs and decomposes methanal and other harmful chemical gases
  • "Surface design" of front panel expands air volume at the bottom and effectively purifies sedimentary pollutants at the bottom
  • Low running noise, as low as 34dB in silent mode, and even lower in sleep mode
  • Built-in particle sensor, indicator light displays air quality, automatically regulate airspeed, and intelligent prompt of cleaning
  • Low energy consumption, safe and power-saving
  • Magnetic buckle panel is easy to disassemble, assemble, and clean

Check Product Details
Power Supply(V/Hz) 110~240/50~60
Rated power(W) 65
Rated air volume(m³/h) 600
Clean air volume (CADR particulate matter)(m³/h) 500
Clean air volume (CADR formaldehyde)(m³/h) 240(Optional
Accumulated Particulate Purification Energy Efficiency (CCM Particulate Matter) P1
Purification Energy Efficiency (Particulate Matter)(m³/(W·h)) 7.6 (High efficiency)
Purification efficiency (formaldehyde (m³ / (w · h))) 3.7 (High efficiency)(Optional)
Area of use(㎡) 35-60
Noise(sound power level)dB(A) <61
Weight(kg) 12
Anion content(PCs./cm³) 10x10^5
Ozone concentration <(0.1X10^(-6))%
Disinfection method and certification Electrostatic disinfection(1,2)(Sterilizer certification)
Bactericidal killing rate(%) 99.96
(Staphylococcus albus)
Virus killing rate(%) >=99.99 (H1N1)
Dimentions 460mm*270mm*690mm
Types of protection against electric shock II class